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An ongoing journey with the healing power of plants

And we begin!


I’ve just had my first weekend session on my three-year professional herbalist diploma course – my head is overflowing with information, my head overflowing with inspiration and my heart overflowing with love for this wonderful planet we call home!

This month I will be looking into allergies, specifically hayfever. I am to prepare two herbal teas for this condition, and already have a good idea what I shall be using, but will share with you all later on this month on preparation, taste, efficacy and more.

I am also going to prepare two flower essences – you may have heard of the Bach Flower rememdies. Well, I shall be creating my own, through research with each plant as well as personal meditation and reflection. Working with the vibrational energies, the spiritual as well as the physical, is what I love about this course.

I shall also be choosing 12 herbs to begin create my own personal herbal, to be finished hopefully by June. I will, of course, be working with more than twelve, but this will be the start of my journey, and the plants that call to me most – my plant allies, if you will.

So, stay tuned, and I shall be updating you with more info soon on my journey into the healing realm of plants!


Author: joannavanderhoeven

A Druid walking down the forest path...

4 thoughts on “And we begin!

  1. It all sounds very exciting. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with making my own remedies!


  2. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with this!


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