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Cleavers tincture


cleaversToday I made a tincture with cleavers (Galium aparine), as they don’t dry very well. I may also try making a succus (mix with glycerin or honey) tomorrow to keep the goodness of cleavers throughout the year.  I simply put the cleavers in a large-necked jar and covered with alchohol (we had Calvados in the cupboard that no one is drinking).  Again, I made sure the jar was very clean beforehand.  I’ve left it in a cool, dark cupboard to do its magic, and will shake once a day.

I’ll be using this tincture as an all-around health and well-being tonic, for fluid retention, swollen glands and tonsillitis, bladder irritation, weak digestion and low energy (cleavers are amazing for the lymphatic system).

I’ll let you know the results in a month’s time!


Author: joannavanderhoeven

A Druid walking down the forest path...

2 thoughts on “Cleavers tincture

  1. I love these quick updates telling what you are doing!


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