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Flower essences: Bluebell, Grape Hyacinth and Dandelion


It was end of April when I first began to make flower essences. These essences work on a spiritual and emotional level much more than a physiological or physical level. It required communing with the plant, being open to what it wanted to share of its healing skills, its properties. I took a glass/crystal bowl or a jar (when travelling further afield) and listened to the plant’s story. I then placed the flowers in the water (without breaking the stem, if possible) and let it sit in the water in full sunlight for a couple of hours. Afterwards, I collected the water and brought it back home, where I added 1/3 measure of brandy to the water, making a “mother tincture”. This went into storage jars. I placed filtered water into small glass bottles with droppers, and then put in 9 drops of the mother tincture into the water-filled bottles, labelling them accordingly. Dosage is 2 – 3 drops as required.

Bluebell essence
P1070380 (800x600)

For calming and soothing, protective and inspiring, fragile beauty and new beginnings, strength in numbers

Grape Hyacinth Essence

P1070343 (800x600)
For joy, fertility, happiness and courage.

Dandelion Essence
P1070345 (800x600)

For joy, happiness, courage, strength, perseverance, and nourishment.


Author: joannavanderhoeven

A Druid walking down the forest path...

4 thoughts on “Flower essences: Bluebell, Grape Hyacinth and Dandelion

  1. Am I correct in assuming you try not to kill (pick) the flower for the essence?


    • Hi Crinia, yes, that’s right, if it’s avoidable try to not pick the flower head from the stem. With the dandelions, they were so close to the ground that it was inevitable, but they will sprout new flowers, and indeed, had new heads already appearing 🙂


  2. I imagine that it’s possible to work with the energy of the plant as well, sitting with the flower unplucked and meditating with its soul form, although the effects may take longer to manifest. Am enjoying sharing this journey of discovery with you.


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