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Chickweed Bath Oil

chickweedSo, due to chickweed’s (stella media) soothing and healing properties on the skin, I decided to make up a bath oil. I took some oils that I had in my cupboard (organic jojoba, calendula and cold-pressed olive) and covered some freshly chopped chickweed in a glass jar with the oil. I made sure the jar was very clean first, and after washing and drying it put it in the microwave for 20 seconds to kill any lingering bacteria. I’m going to leave for a month in a cool dark place, shaking once a day.   I’ll let you know the results in a month’s time!



First forage of the year :)

So, here’s my first forage results: nettle (for hayfever tea and as a spring tonic), chickweed (spring tonic and soothing bath oil), plantain (hayfever tea) and cleavers (spring tonic and bath oil)  and the odd dandelion.  I can’t tell you how wonderful and relaxing it is to just pop down the road onto the bridleway and spend an hour in the hedgrows, listening to the birds and the wind in the trees, the little creepy crawlies on bare skin, the song of the greening filling the land 🙂

I’ll share some recipes for the above soon!

15.04.2015 nettles cleavers chickweed plantain (1024x768)